Introduction to 15th Century German Longsword

Following the incredible responses to our previous courses, the Hotspur School of Defence is in the position to offer another dedicated Introduction to 15th Century German Longsword! The course will run on Thursday nights for eight weeks and includes full Annual Membership to the School until March 2024 for those who want to continue at our regular classes.

Lead by Robert (Bob) Brooks, Marshal of the School

Over the last 29 years Bob has been a pioneer of Historical European Martial Arts. His work in the revival of medieval martial arts has seen him teach all over the world, provide expert consultancy for TV and film, including BBC, Channel 5 and particpate in ground-breaking research such as the study on Bronze Age Swords with Newcastle University. Over two months Bob and assistant instructors of Hotspur School of Defence will coach you through a comprehensive method of fencing as recorded in 500 year old historical texts. You will learn how to effectively perform a variety of strategic techniques with the knightly two-handed longsword including cuts, thrusts, footwork and control of distance.

Optional training weapon purchase

Equipment is provided for the course, but we find that many students like to have their own training weapon to practise between classes. For an extra cost of £50, a brand new training sword can be yours to take home.

These weapons are constructed from high-impact grade nylon polymer, with a steel rod at the core, and are modular, meaning that cross, grip, pommel and blade can all be individually replaced. Unlike steel training swords, the edges do not burr and they are also highly flexible at the tip. These trainers are by far the most cost-effective way to begin your longsword journey and should serve you well for a long time.

Benfield Centre for Sporting Excellence

Benfield Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 4NU

Thursdays 7-9pm

October 5th - November 23rd

£130 Book your place

Over 18's only


Internationally recognised