“On our side, the South African HEMA community learnt a lot from our visitors, not only in technical knowledge but also about other approaches to teaching and learning from older sources …”

James Roberts, Medieval Armed Combat Society, South Africa

I have no hesitation in recommending Robert as a fighter, fencer and coach. In my opinion, he is one of the best historical fencing coaches and instructors.”

Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani, Author, Arms and Armor Researcher, Fighter and Founder of Razmafzar Organization

What a fantastic weekend! So privileged to be instructed by an international expert. Can’t wait for the Messer workshop next weekend!”

Shaun Pearson, HEMA student, Pretoria, South Africa

“Robert Brooks is a long-standing and respected name in the historical fencing community, having been one of the earliest exponents of historical fencing reconstruction and promotion in Great Britain since the early 1990s. He has taught at events all over the UK and Europe and in recent years has led the British Federation for Historical Swordplay as its President. He runs several successful clubs across the North of England and has close ties with many HEMA clubs across the World.”

Matt Easton, founder of Schola Gladiatoria, BFHS, LHFA, HEMAC.

Robert Brooks is a long-time historic fencer and instructor, well-seasoned and respected. This is why his school was among the very first invited when I founded the Chivalric Fighting Arts Association (CFAA).”

Christian Tobler, founder of Selohaar Fechtschule, author of Secrets of German Medieval Swordsmanship: Sigmund Ringeck’s Commentaries on Johannes Liechtenauer’s Verse, Fighting with the German Longsword, In Saint George’s Name: An Anthology of Medieval German Fighting Arts and In Service of the Duke: The 15th Century Fighting Treatise of Paulus Kal.

Robert Brooks is one of a few number of teachers of historical European martial arts who still maintains a traditional approach to his teaching. Focusing on proper form and very well researched techniques, his classes are always very interesting and enjoyable.”

Andrei Xuereb, Maestro d’Armi, President of Malta Historical Fencing Association

Working with Robert was quite an experience. Not only he is amazingly knowledgeable but his enthusiasm will drive you to a whole new level of excitement. Studying old fencing treaties has never felt so good!”

Leonardo Picco, HEMA Student at Sodalitas In Operas Sala d’Arme, Como, Italy

I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few seminars delivered by Bob Brooks. I’ve found each one extremely valuable and came away with new techniques and knowledge to about backsword and messer. If you have the chance to take one of his classes you owe it to yourself to do so.”

Nate Zettle, HEMA Student at the Society for the Study of Swordsmanship, UK

I took Bob Brooks outstanding “Longsword: Meisterhau – a New Understanding” at CombatCon ‘17. The class provided an excellent introduction to the Meisterhau (for me as I am student of Fiore’s art). I very highly recommend Mr. Brooks and would very much like to take additional classes in the future!”

Gary Gibson, HEMA student at CombatCon 2017, Las Vegas

I took an intro to backsword class with Bob Brooks at CombatCon 2017. By far one of the highlights of the weekend! He was able to go through the basics, but also diving a little bit deeper into the weapon, its history, and some fencing strategies. I look forward to his classes next year and if I’m ever in the U.K., I will make it a point to visit his school.​”

David Laudenslager, HEMA Student at CombatCon 2017, Las Vegas

Had an excellent and substantial Messer workshop from Bob and his assistant. A very solid lesson delivered with gleeful clarity and close attention to actual scholarship. I came away not just with some drills and plays, but with an understanding of how messer works. We all feel equipped to hit the books and take the next step. A peak experience, well worth the time and money.”

M. Harold Page, Author and HEMA practitioner, Edinburgh, Scotland

Robert Brooks is the absolute epitome of a scholar and a gentleman. I’ve had the great pleasure of attending a masterclass on German longsword taught by him at our Auckland club. Not only did he go well out of his way to attend a rather hastily thrown together evening session, but stayed well late to answer and clarify our many questions. He shares knowledge with what seems to be a natural passion and talent, embodies the ease of eloquence of someone who genuinely loves the art and eagerly shares that love. Common concepts and algorithms are distilled into an easy format, complex ideas are concisely carried and enthusiastically presented. His outlook on not only the “what” and “how” of the Art, but also the “why” is something to be fostered and encouraged.”

Roman Khrapov, Auckland Sword and Shield, New Zealand




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